The Start-Up Loan

Loans are from £1000 up to £10000, with the final amount being determined by the business plan.
Repayments made within 1-5 years
At 6.2%APR
No security required
No arrangement fees or costs for credit searches
Beyond that all Start-Up Loans ask is that your business is registered in the UK and that you’re 18-30 years old. Loans are to individuals and will be regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 2006.

The whole package

As well as the financial support, Start-Up Loans want young entrepreneurs to benefit from all the expertise, advice, training and support that their partners can offer. If you are successful in your application, Start-Up Loans will pass your personal details to selected global partners who will contact you to discuss how they might also be able to help your business.

Why do Start-Up Loans work with Global Partners?

Whether your loan is for £1000 or £10,000, getting on in business requires more than just cash in the bank. Start-Up Loans’ global partners have been identified because they provide core business services that you might need, from telephone call handling to access to specialist mentors. What you get is the opportunity to access those services for either a much reduced cost, or for free. To make this work, Start-Up Loans need to pass your data to their global partners so they can get in touch. However, they know there’s nothing worse than endless marketing calls. So they guarantee that you will be contacted by each partner a maximum of once. If you say no, that’s that.

Other uses for your data?

There is none. Start-Up Loans will not share your personal data outside their partner organisations and where they do share it, they will make sure it is safe and secure.